Our Story

Terry and I have been Herbalife Members since 2002.

Our results gave us our first clients....


In 2002 when I first came across Herbalife, I was a serial yo-yo dieter who was very much overweight, with creaky joints and very low energy. By sticking to the programme, my energy levels increased to the point where I wasn't falling asleep in the chair every night, I lost a fantastic 76 lbs (35 kilos) and as a result, my creaky joints loosened up.

There isn't a day when I don't take the Herbalife products and I feel years younger, this is all due to just great nutrition. But to me the best thing of all is being able to change other peoples eating habits, their nutrition, their lifestyle and their income.


I've been working with and taking Herbalife products for a few years now and I can honestly say that I feel there are no better nutritional products or business opportunity anywhere in the world today.

When I first joined Herbalife in 2002, I was around the 16 stone mark and not in the best state of fitness. Using the core nutrition products, I soon lost 35 lbs (15 kilos) and an amazing 9 inches from my waist. Just by taking the products and learning how to eat for a healthier lifestyle, I'm far healthier today even though I'm a few years older.

It doesn't seem to matter what area of your life and wellbeing you need to change, what Herbalife has done for me, it can do for anyone.

Today we help other people who are overweight or lacking energy like we used to be and offer help to those unsure about what food to eat and and why... Plus with our new range of Sports Products we can support the weekend warrior or the 24 hour athlete.

We have moved our business from our house and we now work from a Wellness Centre in Heaviley, Stockport along with our team. This allows us to teach, train and support others who want to become Herbalife Members / Healthy Active Lifestyle Coaches and run their own business.

We support locally, but we have many clients who are not local enough to meet up with us. We do this via the phone/skype and keep in close contact with them too.



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Hi, Terry and I joined Herbalife as an effective and proven way to supplement our income nearly 15 years ago.  The products supported our journey to better health and now support our Healthy Active Lifestyle

The Business Opportunity has provided us with financial stability. We love to help people who are ready to make a change in their lives.

We believe that leaving a legacy impacts so many people, starting with you then your own family.  This is real wealth, and what Herbalife means to us!